Completed Corporate ID Logo + Stationary

From the rough sketches emerged this completed project. The company’s product is a reusable and collapsible water bottle targeted to active individuals, but also anyone who would need hydration on the go.

The votes were in and they lead me to design the below logo. I used blues to represent water and hydration. The curves of the typeface and the shape of the image also suggest fluidity.


The darkest blue was turned into a spot colour and used throughout the stationary. I wanted to create unity between the pieces and by replicating the layers and colours of the image I think I achieved that unity.

I chose to use Function for the main typeface since it’s a friendly and legible one. For the letterhead—because it contains more text and is usually used in a more business environment—I used the typeface Garamond Pro.

Business card design



Envelope design



Letterhead design


Folder design



Here Be Dragons

For our web homework we were required to add videos to our site and our theme was dragons! Yesssss.

The video was added in html and then a JQuery script was added to fit the video within columns. The site is also mobile responsive, done through CSS @media. The placeholder text is DnD.

Here’s my page and the link for it:


Mobile Responsive Site

For our web development class we were tasked to create a responsive site for both desktop and mobile on the theme of tea or coffee. I chose to do mine on tea.

First, I sourced images from stock images. Then I drew out a few sketches for each page so I could figure out how to resize the images to the appropriate size for each column. The logos for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are available for free for web use from the company sites. (I’ll probably resize these logos at a later date.) I got my lorem impsum from here. Both heading and main text fonts are from Google. The background is a pattern that repeats, so the file size is nice and small. The other images were reduced in image and file size in Photoshop.

For mobile screens, I hid most of the images because they only served an aesthetic purpose.


Full site link:

Cafe Brochure

My brochure is for a cat cafe. Since cat cafes are fun and inviting I tried to get that across in my design through colours, typefaces, and images. I applied paragraph, character, and object styles to streamline the layout process.

The cat silhouette and paw were drawn in Illustrator. I decided to include the cat paw to create a cat-themed unity throughout the brochure. The heading font is a script for the “fun” element of the design and the serif font was chosen for readability in print.

I sourced more cat photos since those are ultimately what brings people to a cat cafe. The cuter the better!

Overall, I kept the design simple and minimal.





What Is Good Design?

Good design—and not just good book design—stems from mastering the basics. Once those basics are mastered, a good design is achieved when the designer goes beyond those parameters yet effectively combines them all. Puja Khurana illustrated five core layout design principles as book covers, which are the basis of most designs.


Book Covers

The New York Times published a list online of the best covers of 2015. Unlike fantasy and scifi covers, which I’ll talk about next, these book covers have a strong connection between the graphic and the typography. Creating a design that flawlessly intertwines images and typography, and that ultimately relays the designer’s message through design, is what good design is about. I’ve found that designs like this bring something new and very cool to the table. They make you stop and say, “whoa.”

“When considering the book as a whole, I prefer that the interiors contain answers and the covers ask questions.”


Fantasy Book Covers

I read a lot of fantasy novels and that has influenced me in many ways. Good fantasy covers pair an artist’s style with the book’s story. For these types of covers there’s definitely a bigger consideration for the artwork over other layout principles. The artwork brings the story to life. You can find some excellent examples of fantasy and scifi book covers at

Ultimately, good design stops you and makes you pick up the book.

What Inspires Me?

I love clean and colourful designs. I guess a lot of the designs that draw my eye can be categorized as girly with their pastel and pink colours, floral patterns, and cursive fonts. Rifle Paper Co. has great printed designs and their patterns and illustrations are cute and fun.

Print products are my weakness so a lot of my inspiration comes from that medium. However, inspiration comes from many channels. On instagram I follow bakeries and food blogs. Places like Sweet Philosophy, who combine delicious food and creative design, can also inspire ideas for colour palettes, design layouts, and even packaging.

Video games can also be another avenue for creative brainstorming. Ori and the Blind Forest has amazing visuals.

I like order and clarity in design. I appreciate design that’s complex and busy, but it’s just not something I enjoy in my designs. Good design is when every piece of it falls into place and creates a seamless whole image, it creates something new and interesting and wonderful.

If you want to see more of what inspires me, check out my board on Pinterest.