Completed Corporate ID Logo + Stationary

From the rough sketches emerged this completed project. The company’s product is a reusable and collapsible water bottle targeted to active individuals, but also anyone who would need hydration on the go.

The votes were in and they lead me to design the below logo. I used blues to represent water and hydration. The curves of the typeface and the shape of the image also suggest fluidity.


The darkest blue was turned into a spot colour and used throughout the stationary. I wanted to create unity between the pieces and by replicating the layers and colours of the image I think I achieved that unity.

I chose to use Function for the main typeface since it’s a friendly and legible one. For the letterhead—because it contains more text and is usually used in a more business environment—I used the typeface Garamond Pro.

Business card design



Envelope design



Letterhead design


Folder design