Corporate Identity: Hydra Logo

The product

Hydra sells reusable, collapsible water bottles.

Target market

The owners’ background are in outdoor sports, so it’s no surprise that’s where the target market is initially aimed at: active outdoorsy types who rely on hydration. However, the products are also available for anyone with an environmentally conscious mind. There’s also a kids series featuring children friendly designs.

Benefits of the product

The water bottle is collapsible, which is a great feature for anyone on the go. As well, by using a reusable water bottle the consumer is helping eliminate waste since plastic water bottles have a negative environmental impact.

Creative considerations

How to successfully include a water element and incorporate that this is environmentally friendly product.

Five words to describe the logo

Eco-friendly, hydration, active, modern, and approachable

Logo design

I’m trying to incorporate the water element into the design. The “hydra” logos (designs 1—4) would be drawn as extended water droplets. I haven’t decided on the exact font, but it will most likely be all lowercase and sans serif. Click on the image for a closer look.

GSI Outdoors, Eco-Highway, and MEC are three competitors. The logos vary in design, mostly since other companies specialize in other products than water bottles.

I was playing around with Option 8, but the overall design style will include three droplets within the logo. Leave a comment for further input!

hydra-logo-01 hydra-logo-02 hydra-logo-03

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3 thoughts on “Corporate Identity: Hydra Logo

  1. Nice work Klaudia. I really like 2 and 10 as they signify replenishment and vitality. Something that your product provides. If one of these become your top choices, see how they scale down with the text inside of your icon. The word ‘hydra’ might be difficult to read so try to include proportion to scale with text vs image.


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