Vector Portrait

Whelp, here is my final portrait! This was the most challenging project so far since I’m not used to Illustrator (and I’m starting to suspect the app enjoys tormenting me with random glitches and crashes). ANYWAY, even though this was challenging I found I learned a lot from doing the project.

I now have a better understanding of the pen tool, which is quite great when you figure out how it works. I also know more about layers and how far basic shapes can go in an illustration. Even though I was frustrated at times, I hope to come back to Illustrator on my own time and pick up drawing again.

Here’s the final version of my portrait.


For my colour harmony I chose to do something that looks strange. I’m a huge fan of the horror and fantasy genres, so this particular colour choice reminded me of a monster/zombie series of portraits—which would be totally awesome as a concept! The pink eyes and blue lips really give the portrait a creepy effect. Love it! Unfortunately, I couldn’t change the pattern on my shirt because of the pattern swatch giving me issues. Maybe one day I’ll figure out what went wrong with it…



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