Typeface Event Poster

I chose to do the poster for WordCamp in Toronto. It’s a WordPress event. I wanted a minimalist approach to the poster, mostly because there’s not too much to go off for the event in terms of images. I also really liked the swatch colours that appear in the poster. They’re bright and attention grabbing.

The designs for WordCamp over the years have been quite different from  year to year. This gave me a little free range to design something different but not too different from what people were expecting. The 2014 website is here and the 2015 one is here for comparison.

For the logo, I chose contrasting typefaces. I liked the sans serif in the logo, so I looked up sans serif fonts for the body text. I found the body typefaces on Behance. I really liked what the designer did with their presentation and decided it’d go really well with what I was trying to achieve with the poster. Big John and Slim Joe typefaces are available for free here.

Originally, I had the WordPress logo in the middle section, but the poster looked a little too plain. I traced out the Toronto skyline to add some detail  but also keeping to the minimalist design.



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